10 Hilarious Chandler Quotes That Prove He’s The Funniest Character

Friends has remained a fan-favorite sitcom for fans around the world. The ups and downs of family, love, work and of course friendship all play out as the six main friends come together, support each other and hang out.

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Although they all have their similarities, each character has a well-defined personality, all their own. While Joey has an obvious unwavering loyalty to those close to him and Phoebe is full of quirks, Chandler’s most recognized personality trait is her humor and quick wit, lending itself to a plethora of quotes that can be recognized as her most funny.


Bagpipe Chaos

“Why is your family Ross?”

Ross and Chandler go to Vermont on Friends

Poor Ross wants to do his best for Monica and Chandler’s wedding and make a declaration of his love for the couple. Unfortunately, he chooses to play the bagpipes (unintentionally) terribly, as Chandler has Scottish parents.

Upon discovering this, Monica casually asks Chandler why her family is Scottish. But of course, Chandler is able to answer him with the comment “why is your family Ross?” He immediately (and hilariously) lays the blame on Monica. Even when people think they have a good point to make, it’s almost a guarantee that Chandler will come back with something better and funnier.

Eyebrow disaster

“It’s like a baby caterpillar chasing its mother!”

Joey makes the mistake of having his eyebrows waxed, which turns out to be a shoddy job. Worse still, he only made one. He turned to his friend for help, but initially Chandler was the wrong choice if he was looking to feel better about the situation.

Chandler ends up helping him, but his first reaction was to compare Joey’s wobbly eyebrows to those of 2 caterpillars. Although he can occasionally kick people when they’re down, he does so in such a fun way that his comments are usually excused.

close to running out

“It’s an electric drill! You got me, you kill me!”

For Chandler, having Joey as a roommate hasn’t always turned out to be the easiest life situation. After turning to DIY, Joey drills through a wall, almost hitting Chandler with the tool in the process.

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Joey’s naively innocent question “did I get you?” receives a quick and direct response from Chandler, who had learned that the best way to communicate with Joey is with a clear statement. It may have been a scary moment for him, but Chandler’s line, which is intertwined with his own disbelief at Joey’s clumsiness, only makes the audience laugh.

young love

“Until I was 25, I thought the only response to ‘I love you’ was ‘Oh shit’.”


As one of Friends’ best characters, Chandler’s comedy can be brutal, but doesn’t always cater to others. He’s never too far from a self-deprecating comment and knows there are parts of his life that can be fun. Namely his love life.

While it’s a sad revelation that he never had a good reaction to saying “I love you,” he knows it’s something other people would find funny. His performance helps to make the audience laugh instead of being a pitiful and awkward moment. He can crack jokes at the expense of others, but the fact that he’s also able to prank on himself is a redeeming quality for the character.

Pivoting becomes too important

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!”

Quotes don’t always have to be clever or very detailed to be recognized as some of the funniest. On occasion, the delivery of a simple phrase is what makes the moment hilarious. While carrying Ross’ couch upstairs, he relentlessly tells Chandler and Rachel to turn around. Eventually it becomes too much for Chandler, who demands that he stop talking.

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What makes this quote so funny is Chandler’s mocking voice, proving how ridiculous Ross sounds. To watch, the three figures standing in a stairwell with a sofa is humorous on its own, but adding Chandler’s anger combined with a childish impersonation only increases the comedy.

honest help

“I’m not good at advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

Chandler Bing smiles in a hallway in Friends

Chandler fits in well with his group of friends. There’s a place for him in all five of their lives, giving them humor when all else seems to be failing. However, he is not so good at giving advice and knows it.

In his quote, he only states facts, but he chooses to do so lightly. He’s not trying to ignore his friend’s need for help, but he can’t give them exactly what they might want. His only other option is a sarcastic comment, which viewers know is his usual and always funny port of call.

Sarcastic advice

“You have to stop the Q-Tip when there is resistance.”

Friends Joey and Chandler pay the bills

In most friendships, there are times when personalities clash and frustration arises. Although he never wants to cause trouble, Joey can often bring out that emotion in Chandler, but it only translates into a hilarious line from him.

After Joey goes around in circles with his story, it becomes a bit too much for Chandler. Instead of calling it completely stupid, he uses a witty phrase that implies the same meaning but delivers one of the funniest and most iconic lines in Friends. He may be vying for his friend’s intelligence once again, but the comedy value makes it worth it.

Incorrect names

“It’s actually Miss Chanandler Bong.”

Friends Chandler Bing having dinner at a restaurant with his in-laws

“The One With The Embryos” is recognized as one of the best Friends episodes, in part due to the quiz the friends have with each other in order to live in Monica’s apartment. One of the revelations that comes from the game is the name that is written on Chandler’s TV guide.

Not only does Chandler not hide from the strange name he was given, but he even goes further by adding the title “Miss”, which makes the discovery even more fun. The fact that he never bothered to change his name is a great example of how he doesn’t take himself too seriously, especially if it means it will make everyone laugh.

wedding preparations

“I’m glad we’re having a rehearsal dinner. I rarely practice my meals before I eat.”

Chandler Bing sitting on a couch in Central Perk in Friends

There’s definitely a time and a place to make jokes, but sometimes the wrong time and the wrong place makes it even funnier. Any rehearsal dinner can be filled with anxiety or pressure, and the bride and groom probably don’t want to hear silly jokes. That doesn’t stop Chandler.

This quote is so typical of him because he reads the play but chooses to go against what might be a good thing to say. Luckily for the audience, Chandler’s bold attitude is extremely funny and only makes the scene better.

Days off

“It’s a Sunday. I don’t move on Sunday.”

One of Monica’s most obvious traits is her dedicated and competitive nature. Once she decides on something, she’s sure to go through with it, even if it helps Chandler get back into shape.

Unfortunately for her, Chandler isn’t as committed to the cause and decides to tell Monica that his weekly schedule means he doesn’t move on Sundays. Sure, he might deviate from his usual plans, but it’s a hilarious excuse not to do the exercise Monica has planned for him, with the comedy underscoring his wish to stay home.

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