10 memes that perfectly sum up Chandler as a character

According New York PostMatthew Perry’s long-awaited autobiography, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir is set to hit bookstores in November 2022. Perry’s book will take fans behind the scenes of the hit ’90s sitcom, Friends, and delve into his personal experiences playing one of the world’s most popular TV characters – Chandler Bing.

Affectionately known as the King of Sarcasm, Bing is a comic genius in his own right. His quirky personality, sarcastic insight, and compulsive urge to crack jokes lead to many hilarious and unforgettable moments on the show. Today, his character’s legacy lives on through many accurate and hilarious memes doing the rounds on the internet.


Spirited fun

At the start of the season, Chandler was a nonchalant, clumsy, and jovial person among the three men on the show. While Ross was continually obsessed with his failed marriage and Rachel, and Joey’s acting job, and lying to the ladies took up most of his time, Chandler loved to have fun and enjoy himself.

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This meme is a perfect throwback to the early seasons of Chandler. He was fun and liked to joke around with Monica and Rachel. His kindness and sense of humor were his positive characteristics. Chandler always had the perfect responses to unwanted, rude, or intrusive comments, and even when his friends didn’t get his jokes, his loyal fans certainly did.

Related character

One of the main ways Chandler didn’t let his insecurities and fears get the better of him was his effective use of humor. He continually made himself and his fans using his personal brand of self-deprecating, observational and sarcastic humor.

Chandler’s most memorable quotes on Friends are proof that his character was painted with realistic and humanistic features. College demographics ties into this Chandler meme, as it features some of the most relevant quotes he’s said on the show.

clumsy person

Chandler was the least agile character among the six. Monica rightly called him a dropper in one of the best of all time Friends episodes – “Whoever has the ball”.

In Season 3’s “The One With the Jam”, Chandler knocked his girlfriend, Janice, off the bed while trying Ross’ hug and roll maneuver to end their nightly cuddling. This meme is a true testament to Chandler’s clumsy behavior, as he has demonstrated throughout Friends‘ race of ten seasons.

clumsy person

In “The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister”, a lost Chan-Chan man plays around with one of Joey’s seven sisters but is unable to remember her name or face the next morning. When it’s finally time to come clean with Joey and the sister he had fun with (Mary Angela), he doesn’t know which way to deal and which woman to talk to. He stands awkwardly in the presence of seven sisters and Joey, who in turn glares at him.

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This meme conveys what it feels like to voice an unpopular opinion in the wrong forum at the wrong time. It’s like the user is being stared at and seconds away from being banned from the group.

fear of abandonment

This hilarious meme uses Chandler’s two stills from “The One Where Heckles Dies” and “The One Where Joey Moves Out” to emphasize that the writers wrote him as a relatable character.

Among Chandler’s greatest fears, as described in Friends, were to find themselves alone and lose their friends. His overthinking was the result of taking control of these two dominant insecurities. Since Chandler’s personality reflected a wide range of traits, his diverse fanbase is easily able to identify with and empathize with him.

Hated going to the gym

This meme is a throwback to “The One Where Ross Finds Out”, when Chandler let Monica be his personal trainer. They got off to a good start, but as Monica’s sessions got a little too intense, Chandler regretted his decision. In another example from “The One With the Ballroom Dancing,” Chandler asked Ross to help him cancel his gym membership because he didn’t want to exercise.

Using Chandler’s still from “The One Where Ross Discovers”, it portrays homebodies who value their relaxation and rest above all else. Since Chander always had a sense of words, he always found the exact answer for people, which now his fans use again and again.

Mischievous personality

Chandler from the early seasons was a mischievous person, and the two-part Season 2 episode “The One After the Superbowl,” reveals snippets of his trouble-seeking school days.

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Chandler met a former classmate, Susie Moss, while touring the sets of Outbreak 2: The virus takes over Manhattan. She worked on set and the two struck a deal. Ms. Moss pushed Chandler to be an adventurous person, and he seemed to love her until during their last getaway, she revealed that she wanted revenge on him for lifting her skirt in elementary school. Susie urged Chandler to wear his panties during dinner and made him undress in the men’s room before fleeing with his clothes. This meme uses the breaking Bad lead, Walter White is always from the Pilot to portray Chandler’s helplessness. Susie wanted Chandler to experience what she did in fourth grade and show her what it’s like to be bothered.

funnyman of the gang

This meme is an ode to Chandler’s classic me-being-me moment and it uses his “The One with the Male Nanny” image. As one can see. he got really upset when Monica told someone from work who she thought was the funniest guy she had ever met. Insecure, Chandler cracked one joke after another to stand out as the funniest person in his wife’s eyes.

This knock-knock joke came when Chandler amplified himself talking at his apartment door as if it were a person. He liked her joke so much that he laughed out loud, only to remind himself that it was best to save his cracks for Monica. The example proved that the Chan-Chan Man was good at humor and liked to be appreciated.

Former statistical analyst

One of the saddest things about Chandler on Friends was that he worked a job he despised for nine straight seasons. It wasn’t until he married Monica, on “The One With Christmas In Tulsa,” that he finally found the courage to quit and find his passion.

This meme harkens back to when Chandler worked as a statistical analyst and data reconfiguration expert for a large corporation. He uses his picture in an ATM vestibule to express how miserable, uninspired and frustrated he was when he was in the business. He found his true calling and purpose in Season 9 and, thanks to Monica, landed an advertising internship in no time.

Awkward posing

Chandler wasn’t good at posing for pictures, and the show spotlighted him in “The One With the Engagement Picture.” He struggled to photograph well for his engagement photo with Monica and so, in the end, Joey was tricked into impersonating him.

Using Chandler’s goofy shot, the meme captures the feelings of viewers who are poor posers. It wasn’t because of his looks, but the art of posing, followed by good body language that the Chan-Chan Man just didn’t seem to have mastered.

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