10 quotes that prove Joey and Chandler are BFF goals

The best friendship to date Friends must be Joey and Chandler, especially in the early seasons. They went from roommates to friends to best friends forever.

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Their friendship is incredibly touching. Joey is never shy about expressing his affection for Chandler, and Chandler doesn’t care about any of Joey’s weird idiosyncrasies. Their friendship has been the cause of a lot of laughs, as well as a lot of tears, and they have a plethora of quotes that prove they really are BFF goals.

They know each other well

“Look at me! I’m Chandler! Could I wear more clothes?” – Joey

Fans can never forget one of the most memorable scenes where Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes as revenge for Chandler hiding Joey’s underwear. The episode “The One Where Nobody’s Ready” is one of the funniest episodes of Friends and this scene plays a big role in that.


Joey not only wears all of his clothes when commandoing, but he also impersonates him in the funniest way possible. It’s a sign of true friendship when both parties can get on each other’s nerves without ruining the shared bond.

playful flirting

“What, am I not good enough for you?” – Joey

Joey and Chandler at Monica's apartment in Friends

Joey and Chandler are never shy about expressing their love for each other, especially Joey. Chandler pretends to be upset, but deep down, he doesn’t mind at all.

Once, Chandler and Joey go to the apartment that Richard is selling and they are mistaken for a couple. Chandler categorically denies it, but Joey takes offense and asks him if he thinks Joey isn’t good enough for him. It’s such a sweet and funny scene and that playful flirtation is what makes their friendship so iconic.

They are called animal names

“Hello Darling.” “Hey honey.”

Joey and Chandler aren’t shy about calling each other pet names, either. Even after Chandler’s wedding, their displays of affection don’t stop. One of their cutest moments is when Chandler comes home from the office and, like a typical husband, he yells “Hey, honey.”

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However, instead of Monica, coming out to greet him, it’s Joey raiding their fridge, who replies, “Hey, sweetie,” with as much love and adoration as you’d expect from a woman. . It is an extremely endearing moment.

They are perfectly compatible

“You’re pretending to laugh too, aren’t you?” – Joey

When Ross moves in with Chandler and Joey, they become a little annoyed with him. When he makes changes to their answering machine, Joey and Chandler pretend to laugh while inside, unhappy with Ross’ intrusion into their home and life.

This scene proves how Joey and Chandler have a stronger friendship than Ross. They’re mostly in sync on everything and they both feel the same way about Ross’ situation, even though Ross and Chandler have known each other longer.

They get hurt when the other chooses someone else over them

“Look, I’m so glad you saved Ross from the car flashback, but you know, it could have been a bullet and you didn’t try to save me!” -Chandler

The episode where Ross, Chandler, and Joey join Phoebe’s police officer boyfriend on duty is a hugely memorable episode that again underscored Joey and Chandler’s special friendship. A car backfires and they think it’s a bullet so Joey instinctively goes to save his sandwich, but Ross gets the idea that Joey was saving him.

It doesn’t sit well with Chandler. He is deeply hurt that if they put each other in danger, Joey would save Ross first instead of Chandler because he thinks they have a deeper friendship. This proves how much Chandler cares about being Joey’s best friend and he can’t imagine Joey would choose another friend over him, not even Ross.

They like to live and spend time together

“It’s going to be weird when I come home and you’re not here.” – Joey

Joey and Chandler weren’t just best friends, but great roommates. After living together for so long, they fully understood each other’s needs. However, when it was time for Chandler to move in with Monica, Joey was a bit sad.

Joey expresses his sadness and tells Chandler that it would be weird for him to come home and not find Chandler there. It’s such a sweet statement and tells how much Joey will feel the absence of his best friend in his apartment.

They are aware of each other’s quirks

“Hey, you cry every time someone talks about the Titanic.” -Chandler

Friends - Chandler and Joey

A best friend knows all about your deepest and darkest secrets. The same goes for Chandler and Joey, who all know each other’s weak points. One day in Central Perk, Chandler mentions that Joey starts crying as soon as someone mentions Titanic.

The fact that Chandler knows this secret is indicative of their deep friendship, as it indicates that they truly know all of each other’s weird habits and secrets. It is a symbol of true and deep friendship.

Friends wristbands

“Check it out! We’re bracelet friends!” – Joey

Joey is happy that he and Chandler share bracelets and are friends with bracelets in Friends

Joey may be reluctant to form deep romantic bonds with women, but when it comes to his best friend, Chandler, he has no problem going all the way. He buys them both gold friendship bracelets.

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This gesture is enough to show how much their friendship means to Joey. He is so happy to wear the friendship bracelet and everyone will know they are best friends. This certainly makes it extremely endearing to viewers.

best friends for life

“Of course we would have an apartment above the garage where Joey could grow old.” -Chandler

Even when Chandler has moved on in his life and is well on his way to marrying the love of his life, Monica, he can never forget his best friend, Joey. Chandler talks to Monica about the future he has envisioned for them. The future he describes is beautiful and includes a big house, children, a cat and also Joey.

It’s so thoughtful of Chandler to include his best friend in his family life. If Joey had heard Chandler say that, he would definitely be on top of the moon happily.

They can’t imagine not being in each other’s lives

“It’s good… Because now you have a reason to come visit us.” – Joey

Chandler and Joey say goodbye to foosball in Friends

The series finale of Friends is a hard pill for many fans to swallow because saying goodbye to friends is never easy. That’s what the episode implied, as Chandler and Joey also said goodbye. They’re not particularly good with words and with all the strong emotions they don’t want to crumble, especially Joey, who gets left behind as everyone walks away.

Chandler and Joey decide Joey can keep the duck and the chicken and Joey awkwardly says that will give Chandler a reason to visit. To which Chandler says he also has another reason, alluding to Joey. It’s such a beautiful ode to their friendship and all the memories they shared that fans can’t help but shed tears.

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