9 Things About Chandler That Haven’t Aged Badly

The phenomenal hit sitcom of the 90s Friends came with its own set of issues, promoting conventional beauty stereotypes, prejudices against certain sexual preferences, certain body types, and more. Today, these questions are now handled with a much more sensitive lens, and rightly so.

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Chandler Bing was one of the wittiest characters on the show and showed remarkable growth over the show’s decade. However, some of his beliefs were deeply rooted in social prejudice, and even though the character has matured over time, fans can never overcome his narrow-mindedness and rigidity. Today, Chandler Bing would be considered a rather divisive character.

9 His transphobia

Chandler’s father was a trans woman and lived in Vegas, working as a drag cabaret host, and while the character didn’t win any awards for being parent of the year, she certainly didn’t deserve to be treated like a object of embarrassment. by his son. The series as a whole also treated the character horribly, originally referring to Chandler’s father as a gay man in a drag revue, and never openly calling her trans, despite the fact that she was clearly a woman, not a drag performer. based on his actions and appearance at the wedding. Worse, her name was never even confirmed – her stage name was “Helena Handbasket”, and her ex-wife nicknamed her at the wedding, but no one ever calls her anything else!

Chandler was openly ashamed of her father and never tried to understand her or be there for her. Of course, Charles hadn’t been there for him either, but Chandler’s reaction to his father’s trans identity was one of the worst parts of his character.

8 His homophobia

Chandler was also deeply homophobic. He was very uncomfortable when Rachel and Monica told him that they had assumed he was gay at first. He was also always baffled by the idea that he and Joey could be mistaken for a couple.

The blatant homophobia was one of the biggest things about Friends which has not aged well. LGBTQ+ identity was mocked over and over again, and Chandler seemed terrified of behaving in a way that could be construed as anything other than straight. His biases, especially the fact that they were held to be the accepted norm, would have been very offensive today. Of course, he was far from the only one to act this way, as every character has homophobic lines throughout the series.


seven His humor and sarcasm

Chandler Bing sitting on a couch in Central Perk in Friends

Chandler used humor as a defense mechanism, and it’s possible that much of his reliance on humor to diffuse socially awkward situations stemmed from his own unresolved childhood issues. Coming from an unhappy home, with parents who never really tried to be there for him, he developed a tendency to gloss over problems by taking them lightly.

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However, what hasn’t aged well is his relentless mockery of others. He made fun of almost everything and anyone, and there was a time when the other friends made him make a New Year’s resolution that he should go without resorting to his usual sarcasm. While Chandler had his funny moments, relentless dry sarcasm was often misdirected and might even be considered hurtful today.

6 Stalking Janice

Chandler was in a complex relationship with Janice, the only woman he had a long enough relationship with besides Monica. They ended up dating more than once and when Janice felt he was too needy too soon, he went so far as to stalk her.

Chandler met Janice at a grocery store closer to her home than his. He pretended to be there naturally but Janice was not fooled. At the time, this was considered a reasonable thing to do, to try to create a “natural reunion”, but fans can clearly see now that it was unacceptable – not the thing of romantic comedies.

5 Being ashamed of his mother

Friends of Nora Tyler Bing on the Jay Leno show

Chandler was extremely embarrassed by his mother whenever Nora Bing made an appearance or was even discussed. Nora was a woman who wasn’t afraid to be herself and was proud of her success as an erotic writer. Yet, unfortunately, her son did not feel proud of her. On the contrary, he was ashamed.

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Having had a difficult childhood, Chandler might have struggled to connect with his mother who hadn’t done everything possible to make his life better. However, being ready to vilify her at every opportunity, for her work and the way she dresses, didn’t seem justified, especially since Nora was one of the few truly fearless women in the series.

4 His treatment of Kathy

His treatment of Kathy was one of the worst things Chandler did on Friends. Kathy seemed like a lovely person and although there were clearly issues in their relationship, Chandler blamed Kathy and attacked her for the way their relationship started – as if he wasn’t a part of it himself. actively.

Kathy is a perfect example of the show’s slut-shaming and double standards – Chandler falls in love with Joey’s best friend, but then uses that as a reason not to trust him. And when they broke up after an argument and then slept with someone else, Kathy is portrayed as a villain – although when Chandler was upset over a breakup, he got drunk and kissed with the sister of one of his friends!

3 fat-shaming monica

Chandler was shown to be deeply insensitive to Monica as he poked fun at her and made fun of her plus size when the duo first met years ago. Granted, he himself was a freshman at the time, and not at the most sensitive stage of a person’s life. But that was absolutely no excuse to hurt someone’s feelings because of her appearance.

To make matters worse, Chandler immediately took a liking to Monica as soon as she lost weight. There were times when Friends challenged existing social norms, but more often than not promoted them, however unacceptable they were. Fat-shaming was definitely one of the things about Chandler that would be very controversial today.

2 Violating wife’s boundaries

After Chandler moves in, he realizes he’s never seen what’s in a particular closet – and Monica just asks him to respect his privacy and not open it. The reasonable thing to do would be to stick to that boundary – or have a conversation with Monica about being uncomfortable with it. However, Chandler broke into the closet while Monica wasn’t there!

In the episode, it’s played as a joke about Monica’s “messyness”, and Chandler even mocks her for it – despite the fact that it’s clearly a sensitive topic for her. At the time, the audience may have laughed, but now it feels like a breach of trust.

1 His jealousy

Chandler’s insecurity is a big part of his character, and there’s no denying that it’s still relevant today – but the extent of his jealousy is too great even for Friends. He constantly accuses his partners of cheating, spies on them and sulks at them too. While the underlying insecurity may be understandable and human, the fact that he chooses to put that on the people around him, rather than just going to therapy, doesn’t age well.

Of course, in the 90s, there was still a much greater stigma around going to therapy, which may explain why no gang member ever does – despite the divorce, childhood trauma clearly no resolved and major life difficulties. upheavals throughout the show. Now, however, fans would be wondering why characters who can afford huge apartments in Manhattan can’t afford much-needed therapy!

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