Chandler cruise ship liquidates Miami warehouse



Kansas Marine’s Miami hub soon to be liquidated (Tiger Group)

Posted on Feb 15, 2019 2021 20:16 by

The maritime executive

Sign of the times, one of the leading food service providers for Florida’s mega-cruise ports is auctioning off all remaining inventory in its soon-to-be-closed Miami distribution center.

With the closure of US-based cruises since March 2020 and long chances of restarting, it’s a tough year for any business that depends on the cruise industry for its revenue. This includes everyone from small sellers of shore excursions in Alaska to industrial-scale suppliers in Florida, home of the global cruise industry.

Liquidation firm Tiger Group announced last week that it would sell more than $ 11 million (retail value) in commercial food products at an online auction to be held on February 23. The merchandise represents the remaining inventory of the Kansas Marine cruise ship food supplier. Miami walk-in distribution center. The clearance includes 40 million items covering everything from beans and cookie dough to vegan products, as well as warehouse handling equipment.

“This auction provides a tremendous opportunity for cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, bars, institutional distributors and food and beverage wholesalers / brokers to stock up on their inventory,” said Jonathan Holiday, Director Tiger’s commercial and industrial development.

The timing of restarting the cruise industry remains unclear, especially now that Canada has enacted a cruise ship ban on both coasts – effectively shutting off access to the busy cruise trade from Seattle to Alaska. The last Caribbean cruise attempt was in November and ended with an outbreak of COVID-19 on board. Michael Rubin, vice president of government affairs for the Florida Ports Council, recently told the Miami Herald that a return to full-scale cruising could take up to a year.


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