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Chandler Kinney has a moment. Just a few weeks after the premiere of Zombies 3 on Disney+, Chandler now stars in the hit HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. The new show focuses on a new generation of liars and is the perfect blend of iconic slasher movies and the teen dramas we know and love.

HollywoodLife got an EXCLUSIVE scoop from Chandler on what awaits Tabby and the others after the first 3 episodes. From the situation with Wes to the mysteries of the past to exploring the “cracks” in Tabby’s relationship with her mother, the drama has only just begun. Read our Q&A below (and watch the video above):

Chandler Kinney at the premiere of ‘PLL: Original Sin’. (Image News Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Let me start with Wes. He is scary and very inappropriate. I have a feeling he’s not going to take Tabby running away well. Is he going to be a problem for her in the future?
Chandler Kinney: It’s a juicy question. Yes, Wes is a scary AF, but played by the most charming human Derek Klena. He’s so sweet and has always been wonderful in every way on set. Is Wes going to be a problem for Tabby? I mean, I think they’re definitely in a bit of a weird spot together. I think there should probably be clear boundaries, so I think Tabby finds herself in a precarious position with someone she’s known for a while – her boss – obviously a guy who sits in a position of power over her, absolutely, there are a few things that go down a bit. But I don’t want to spoil anything.

Speaking of other co-workers, there’s Chip, who’s so cute. He’s just the sweetest person. Obviously, Carson [Rowland] is so much fun, and i saw it on sweet magnolias. does tabby have feelings for him [Chip] romantic?
Chandler Kinney: Like you said, Carson is wonderful. What an incredible and amazing human being performer and friend. Love, love, love it. Tabby kind of has Chip in the friend zone. I don’t think Chip wants to be in the friend zone. I think he’s pretty straightforward with how he feels about her. They have been best friends for a few years. Obviously, they have their common love of cinema. They love working together in film lessons and sharing their passion. They do some really cool movie projects over the course of the season that tie into a much bigger storyline for Tabby in particular. But I don’t think Tabby really sees much there, that you have to see Chip in the first two episodes and you’re like, ‘Why? He is so nice. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

In the wake of Karen’s death, which was obviously very traumatic and shocking, Sheriff Beasley is desperate to put the girls down. Kelly really steps in for the backup there and basically explains why Karen was in the rafters. She was going to do something to Imogen. She really stepped up when they needed it. Can Kelly be trusted? Does Tabby trust her? Do you think she’s a trustworthy person?
Chandler Kinney: I’m really excited for the whole Karen/Kelly story. Mallory Bechtel…I always have to shout out to people… She does such an amazing job that there’s clearly the twin dynamic, but the way she differentiates them is so specific. She has these little micro subtleties for everyone, so I really have to sing her praises. What an incredible performance. Kelly, you know, she’s from the Beasley family. I will tease that the Beasley family has some very, very dark stuff going on there that will be dug up over the course of the season. But overall, I would say bad news, the Beasley family. Sheriff Beasley— Eric Johnson is truly one of the best people I’ve ever met and worked with – he’s a scary guy. He’s really, really scary. I think what’s cool about our show is that we have these external horror aspects of this anonymous abuser that’s almost fictional, [who] has this very scary mask going on. If you look closely, it’s sewn flesh. So it’s very scary and it brings to life a lot of the really cool horror sequences that we have throughout the season. But also, our show is very grounded in the internal horror of it all, which is these very real happenings and happenings that happen to people every day. I don’t think the sheriff is a great guy. I think that was pretty obvious in the first two episodes, so we’re diving into the themes of that as well. But yes, does the apple fall too far from the tree? Who knows?

Madison Custodian
Bailee Madison and Chandler Kinney as Imogen and Tabby. (HBO Max)

We are starting to get more information about this Y2K party, which is the basis of the whole show. The girls begin to find out a bit more about what happened to Angela Waters. Is it going to be like a relentless chase? I feel like once Imogen and Tabby start to really peel off those layers, they’re going to get into what moms used to do. What really happened that night? I feel like this is just the beginning of this exploration.
Chandler Kinney: Absolutely, Tabby and Imogen, that Bailee [Madison] and I sometimes affectionately called them Tabogen, they are a dream team. They both share this very beautiful quality of relentless determination. They really don’t stop at anything, so the fiery pursuit of trying to hunt down the truth and uncover the mystery of it all is a very exciting and thrilling adventure. But it takes them to very dark places. It’s absolutely a story of friendship and also their friendship on the show really opens them up and helps them be a little more vulnerable with each other and face the truth in their own lives. So it’s not just a quest for the truth with Angela Waters and the past sins of mothers, but it’s also finding the truth in their own personal lives and some of the things that they face personally.

And then in there, the deeper they go down that rabbit hole in the search for the truth, it could impact Tabby’s relationship with her mother because there’s a lot of things that obviously the mothers didn’t tell daughters at all, especially Tabby’s mother. I feel like it could really break things up between them and keep secrets and so on.
Chandler Kinney: Absolutely. I think outside I was looking for Tabby and her mother, Sidney, [played by] Sharon Leale. This beautifully complex mother-daughter relationship is very complicated and emotional. And like you said, we’re really digging the truth in between. It’s kind of the dynamic that happens between all these girls and the mothers. And so I think for them, looking from the outside, their relationship looks objectively good, but the closer and more intimate you look at it, you see there are cracks there. There is a little distance between them. I think Sidney hasn’t been very honest about things that have happened in her past and that’s why Tabby feels like she can’t be honest with her mother about some of the things that happened. ‘she lives. So, of course, we’ll address that as things unfold.

Will we discover Tabby’s father?
Chandler Kinney: That’s a great question, and it was a question I was asking myself when I first signed on to the project because the mother-daughter relationship is centered on our show, which is amazing because it’s is a female-led show on and off screen. It was a great story for all of us to tell. I think for Tabby, I don’t know if we’re really going to care that much about it. I think dads play a part, though, in the show. You’ll see a couple of dads, I think, one way or another. And I’ll go from there.

And there’s a lot more blood in there than in the original series. Have you ever thought that by scrolling through the script, could I be on the chopping block? For example, could one of the liars die?
Chandler Kinney: Yes absolutely. It is certainly a concern. We weren’t given the whole script when we first signed on, which sometimes happens with projects, and sometimes, I feel like more rarely, you have a situation where you really don’t know what’s going on . You just have to trust your whole creative team who, thank goodness, we have such an amazing one. But we were really discovering things as we got the scripts, while we were shooting. So yes, that was absolutely a concern. You never know, especially with these crazy worlds. People die during this season, and not everyone had that knowledge when they first stepped into their character. It was definitely a little scary, sort of looking left and right and thinking, who goes next?

Madison Custodian
The New Liars of ‘PLL: Original Sin.’ (HBO Max)

Because it is Pretty little Liars, I have to ask because I probably asked every cast member on the original series, do you know who A is? Have you been informed? Does anyone know?
Chandler Kinney: You just have to plug in.

You will be asked this question a million times.
Chandler Kinney: The thing that I find really funny about our show and what was really amazingly executed in the original is that you think you know what’s going on and whatever it is, it’s completely flipped. It is certainly an element that we carry with us in Original sinand so even if we think we have an idea of ​​who it’s going to be, it could all go out the window a second later.

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