Chandler should have ended up with Janice on friends, Star says

Friends star Maggie Wheeler makes a surprise appearance on a fun TikTok, singing about how Chandler and Janice should have ended up together.

Friends star Maggie Wheeler makes a surprise appearance in a fun TikTok, claiming that Chandler and Janice should have been together. Long after the broadcast of his last episode, Friends remains popular. The recent HBO Max special, which saw the six main cast members reunite, got fans talking and the sitcom even topped the list of most watched Thanksgiving episodes. While the chemistry between the six protagonists – Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer – is undoubtedly the key to the series’ enduring success, Friends was equally notable for its recurring guest list.


Along with James Michael Tyler, who left an indelible impression as Gunther, Maggie Wheeler’s portrayal of Janice also makes her an honorary “friend”. Introduced in Friends season 1, apparently as a single guest, Janice would be present in every season of the sitcom. And, more often than not, and perhaps unfairly, as many have argued, she is remembered for making Chandler’s life very difficult.

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But, in a new TikTok from jaxwrites songs, Wheeler makes an appearance to sing about how Janice and Chandler were meant to be. The song, to the tune of Friendsiconic theme song, is performed by Jax. The song begins with the argument that while Chandler and Monica hit it off pretty well, the best couple on the show didn’t make it to the end. Soon, Wheeler steps in to present his case: “You love me, Chandler Bing,She sings. You can watch the video, which was reposted on Jax’s Instagram, below.

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While it’s hard to take Wheeler’s argument too seriously, given the way her character was portrayed later in the series, Janice hasn’t always been portrayed as an irritating thorn on Chander’s side. A notable scenario in Friends season 3 actually involves the long-term and, for a time, healthy relationship that the two characters develop. As the sitcom continued, as most comedies tend to do, familiar faces were often reduced to large caricatures and Janice was certainly no exception.

But, despite everything, even during her last guest turns, Janice still occasionally had some really warm interactions with her ex where she would be more than a laugh and a famous catchphrase. And, of course, as much as the fans love Friends, there will always be debates about the best couple. Some will plead for Ross and Rachel, while others will point the finger at Chandler and Monica. And there are others, still, who aren’t quite convinced the writers made the right decision in separating Phoebe and Joey. At least for Wheeler, she expressed her support for Janice with a song.

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