Chandler Williams and Derek Farah seek ‘Showbiz’ with their latest flip house, a mansion on a private island


Orlando real estate investors Chandler Williams and Derek Farah look to score more than just a big payday on their latest project, they aim to be the next hit TV series

The post-pandemic boom sent the real estate market into a frenzy, particularly in Central Florida, currently one of the hottest markets in the country. Even if the competition is tougher than itIt never was, it didn’t stop Chandler Williams (32) and Derek Farah (29) from signing their biggest contracts to date. A special of two lots, including a mansion on its own island which they plan to overthrow and bring to market by the end of the year, and four acres of vacant land on which they will build 7 luxury homes . The final resale on the entire project is expected to exceed $ 5 million.

Located near the Mayfair Country Club is an Island Mansion on Crystal Lake located in Lake Mary, Florida. The island and the mansion were built and owned by a prominent lawyer, who once stopped on the island’s property in his Rolls Royce. The house is filled with quirks and treasures from years gone by, including an old ship cannon that was salvaged from the Atocha shipwreck off New Jersey by one of the attorney’s former clients who happened to be a treasure hunter.

The living room looks like an old cathedral with stained glass windows made by one of the creators of Disney’s CinderellaCastle of s. The mansion also contained many artifacts and relics from decades ago, as well as a number of quirks including cat decor and medieval statues scattered throughout the house. The house will be destroyed down to the structure and completely renovated.

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About Chandler Williams and Derek Farah

Chandler Williams and Derek Farah of Blueprint Real Estate Groups met in 2016 during their first brokerage house. Soon after, Derek joined Blueprint Real Estate Groups, owned and operated by TV stars Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly. Justin was a guest speaker at a real estate class Derek was attending, that’s where they met. Derek spent his last $ 100 to buy lunch and bring it to one of Justin’s work sites, just for a chance to talk. Justin was moved by Derek’s persistence and immediately took it in. Soon after, they got their first contract and Justin was looking for another investor to join him. Derek reached out to Chandler who had just taken out a $ 50,000 home equity loan, and Chandler was looking to participate in his first round. Their first deal together saw unforeseen setbacks, such as the collapsing roof of the property, delays and costs. Chandler was falling behind on bills, but once their first deal was eventually overturned and sold, they recouped their initial investment and earned over $ 100,000. Fast forward to today, together they have made millions of dollars in real estate transactions since then. Business for them has grown exponentially since the post-COVID era, and they have several flips, new builds, and other projects underway that have received a lot of attention. While Chandler and Derek score points in their real estate transactions, their main focus on this project is to follow in Justin and Ashlee’s footsteps and have the opportunity for their own TV show.

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