David Chandler received calls from Eleni Petinos, former Deputy Prime Minister after April’s stop work order

The opposition questioned the meetings between Petinos and Coronation Property, given that a stop work order had been placed on its Merrylands projects.

It is believed that matters relating to Petinos are mentioned in the letter.

On April 8, three days after receiving the draft stop-work proposal, Andy Nahas of MN Builders, the builder attached to his brother Joe’s coronation site, received the stop-work notice via email. work finalized by the building commissioner.

The notice raised issues with the proposed construction’s lack of detail regarding the “structural engineering and drainage of the four basement levels” of the Merrylands site which, when completed, would have 790 residential apartments.

The stop work notice also recorded MN Builders’ assertion that it was unaware that it was required to provide certain details regarding the fire safety systems.

On June 2, Petinos met with representatives of the Coronation. Barilaro was not present at this meeting.

The development of Merrylands on Wednesday.Credit:Dean Sewell

On June 21, Petinos’ diary shows she met with Barilaro to celebrate her new job as trade commissioner in the United States. Until recently, Barilaro’s daughter, Domenica, worked in Petinos’ office.

Barilaro said that by the time he met Petinos to celebrate his new job, he had resigned from his position at Coronation.

“I attended a social engagement with the former minister to celebrate my appointment to the [senior trade and investment commissioner] Jobs in America,” Barilaro said in a statement. “I was no longer a Coronation employee.


“I did not meet the Minister during my time with Coronation.”

The stop work order was lifted on July 4, 2022.

The political fallout from Barilaro’s posting to the United States led him to abandon the post. But before taking on the commercial role, the former NSW Nationals chief had quizzed construction industry figures about his new employers. He had been hired by Coronation in February, less than two months after leaving parliament on December 31.

Real estate developer Joe Nahas.

Real estate developer Joe Nahas.

In 2016 Andy Nahas was found guilty of assaulting the manager of the Tilbury Hotel in Woolloomooloo. A character reference for the court was written for him by prominent lawyer and real estate investor John Landerer.

Coronation Property has two directors – Landerer, 74, who made headlines in February after selling his Vaucluse mansion for $62million, and property developer Joe Nahas.

Landerer has already told the Herald“I have never met or spoken to Mr. Barilaro in my life.”

The Herald previously revealed that in October 2012 Joe Nahas, 40, also known as Youssef Nahas, listed himself as “unemployed” on his personal insolvency agreement. This allows a debtor to come to an agreement with his creditors to settle his debts without going bankrupt.

In December 2012, three construction companies of which Joe Nahas had been director were placed under guardianship, owing millions of dollars to subcontractors.


In March 2014, he became a director of Coronation, and two months later Joe Nahas finalized his obligations to creditors, according to company records.

Eight years later, Joe Nahas’ fortunes have changed; His company Coronation’s website claims it has “more than $5.3 billion in mixed-use projects in the works.”

In 2009, younger brother Andy Nahas, 34, was charged with kidnapping. Police alleged that between April 15 and 16, 2009, Andy Nahas and his co-accused detained a tradesman without his consent with the intent to obtain financial advantage.

His co-defendants were major cycling figures. They cannot be named as they were recently charged with an unrelated murder.


Andy Nahas’ co-defendant (not Nahas) allegedly hit the victim repeatedly with a plank of wood, stomped on his head, and told him that bolt cutters would be used “to chop off your toes and send them to your mom” . The alleged kidnapping victim suffered serious injuries, including fractured eye sockets, and was hospitalized.

However, the charges were dropped when the court was told that “despite further investigations by the police since the last court date, [the alleged victim] has not yet been located. ”

Police were ordered to pay the costs, including $33,000, that Andy Nahas incurred in legal fees.

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