Falcons reportedly interested in signing debut rusher Edge Chandler Jones

This one should surprise Falcons fans. According to Jordan Schultz, the Falcons aren’t just scouring the aisles for free agency bargains as previous reports have indicated; Atlanta is interested in signing free agent advantage defenseman Chandler Jones.

At 32, Jones is no longer at his peak but remains a highly productive pass thrower. He’s won a Super Bowl, signed lucrative contracts and will now try out free agency for the first time. His highest priority isn’t money, however, which should favor the Falcons’ front office. The most important thing is the adjustment of the scheme.

“It’s not about the money at all,” Jones told former Patriots teammate Logan Ryan on the “NFL Players Podcast” this week. “Where I am in my career, I got contracts, I got a Super Bowl, but the plan is huge or for me is to win more championships. I repeat, this is not not about the money. I will say, I want to go to a place that maximizes my talents. … As far as my decision goes, where does Chandler Jones become Chandler Jones – where does he maximize his talent? …

“I repeat, which team maximizes the talents of Chandler Jones?”

Dean Pees leads a defense similar to that of Bill Belichick, which Jones played in early in his NFL career and thrived on. It’s a perfectly suited scheme, and the Falcons could end up spending a lot of money on a difference maker. However, Jones said it’s also about winning championships, so the Falcons don’t make sense in that yardstick because they couldn’t be further from that.

Photographer: Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire



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