Friends: 10 things fans still hate about Chandler

Friends Fans love Chandler for his sarcastic attitude, witty comebacks, and ability to light up any moment with his sense of humor. He was a relatable character with real human insecurities and struggles.

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While he’s certainly one of the most lovable characters, no member of the gang was perfect, and Chandler has done some heinous things over the years. Maybe some of them were explained by the traumas and insecurities of his childhood, but they still left many fans thinking that they would like to be. Friends with Chandler in real life!

ten He was too critical of his friends

Chandler was a great character due to his witty comebacks and inability to hold back his sarcastic comments. However, some of his comments to his friends might come across as offensive and not supportive at all.

Chandler has shown himself to be a decent friend by constantly showing up for them and helping out when needed, such as giving Joey money or helping Ross move house. Although he was a good friend, he was guilty of teasing and commenting mercilessly on their problems or mistakes instead of being a supportive listener. Although it was usually done in innocent fun, it was sometimes insensitive and overly judgmental.

9 He mixed Joey’s sisters

The moment Chandler can’t figure out which of Joey’s sisters he kissed was played for laughs, but it wasn’t all that funny. Instead of admitting he made a mistake, he kept making it worse, lying to his friend and kissing another of Joey’s sisters!

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Joey had good reason to be angry with him under the circumstances, as Chandler showed a lack of respect for him and his sisters – and while fans may be more lenient due to the misery and drunkenness of Chandler, his reactions to finding out what he did was just off-putting.


8 His on-and-off relationship with Janice

Janice was easily labeled as the annoying ex-girlfriend they couldn’t seem to get rid of, but it wasn’t even her fault half the time. Chandler was guilty of playing with her emotions and constantly bringing her back to break up with her again, which became quite the running gag on Friends.

Janice was actually quite supportive and compassionate towards most of the friends several times in the series. Due to Chandler’s on-and-off relationship, she wasn’t portrayed as a great person, but Chandler really isn’t the innocent here and was actually half the reason they got back together. He played with her emotions, abused her, dragged her off, and even dated her just to avoid feeling lonely.

seven Monica’s Fat-Shaming Sound

Chandler and Monica were an iconic couple on the show, but looking back at their flashbacks, the way he treated Monica because of her weight was just plain wrong. This is one of Chandler’s major flaws, though it doesn’t seem to affect their relationship.

Monica’s flashbacks were meant to be comedic and show how much she’s changed as a character, but the way Chandler treated her because of her weight was so bad. He acted disgusted by her and discouraged by her attempts to talk to her simply because of her weight. He didn’t seem to have a problem being in a relationship with her later on when she was thin, proving that he was okay with body shaming and not at all.

6 His lack of respect for his mother

Fans are well aware of Chandler’s dysfunctional relationship with his parents. Looking back on his mother’s treatment, he showed no respect for her and was actually quite rude to voice his opinions.

Chandler’s mother was a charismatic and successful character with a unique lifestyle. He constantly made snide remarks about her to her friends or even in front of her and grossly shamed her for being sex positive. While this made Chandler feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, the way he handled it on the show was disrespectful, considering she was his mother after all.

5 His homophobic and transphobic attitude

Another look at the Bings’ dysfunctional family dynamics was Chandler’s relationship with his father. The constant disapproval and transphobic comments that constantly came from Chandler were played out in the wake of his parents’ separation and his own childhood, but they were completely unacceptable.

Chandler shamed both of his parents – and was particularly homophobic and transphobic once his former parent was introduced. The show as a whole failed the character, of course, sometimes referring to them as a gay man working at a Vegas drag show, but later portraying the characters as a trans woman who showed up at her wedding. son in a beautiful dress – only to be insulted and insulted. Handling the entire story arc was deeply problematic — and seeing how transphobic Chandler was didn’t endear him to fans.

4 His relationship with Kathy

Even though Chandler and Kathy were portrayed as a cute and playful relationship, the way it started and its slyness did Chandler a disservice. Chandler nearly ruined his friendship with Joey by hooking up with Kathy and yet still ends up being with her. It was by far one of the worst things he had done to Joey.

Chandler somehow didn’t see the harm in his time with Kathy behind Joey’s back. He knew she and Joey were dating but spent late nights watching TV with her, flirting, fantasizing about her, and even buying her presents. When Joey finally found out, Chandler apologized for his misdeeds, but then sued Kathy and continued to have a relationship with her after she broke up with Joey. He seemed to prove he cared more about a relationship than his friendship with Joey.

3 He missed his wedding

What could be more heartbreaking and hurtful than a bride or groom running for their wedding? It proved that Chandler was a character full of insecurities and inner demons, but it was a horrible thing to do to Monica upon further consideration.

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Chandler was known to avoid his emotions throughout the show, but he refused to acknowledge his doubts and fears about marriage until the wedding day didn’t go well. He could have told someone how he was feeling, but instead he waited until the wedding day and then tried to give up. It was a horrible thing to do to Monica and honestly it could have been even worse if the other friends hadn’t stepped in to help.

2 He chose his job over Monica

Even though Chandler and Monica supposedly made a choice together, there was no way Monica was telling him what to do career-wise. Chandler ultimately decided to put his job on Monica and move away from her to Tulsa, a Friends storyline fans would cut if they could.

It was a tough decision for Chandler to choose between quitting his job to stay with Monica or risking their relationship by moving to Tulsa for work. He not only tried to avoid making the decision himself by having Monica take it for him, but he ultimately decided to give her the job. This decision put a strain on their relationship by limiting their time together and causing Chandler to fall back into bad habits.

1 He kept secrets and lied painstakingly about them

There’s been more than one time in the series that Chandler kept secrets about his friends and relationships, then was tasked with creating an elaborate lie to try to cover his tracks. In hindsight, these actions by Chandler proved that lying was one of his worst quirks and proved highly toxic and potentially hurtful to those around him.

Chandler constantly fell back into his old ways, trying to keep them a secret from his friends by lying about them. He kept his true feelings for Janice a secret and deliberately lied, even going as far as Yemen, instead of being honest with her. He also picked up his bad habit of smoking when he moved to Tulsa and tried to hide it from Monica, which led to a fight and caused Monica to question whether or not she could trust him.

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