Friends: Chandler’s 10 Most Memorable Quotes

All six main characters, and even some of the recurring cast members, such as Janice, have iconic quotes throughout the ten seasons of Friends. But there’s arguably no one on the show who has quite as much as Chandler Bing. For so many silly quotes from Joey, iconic lines from Rachel and emotional exclamations from Ross, Chandler’s one-liners can’t be matched.

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Of course, Chandler isn’t all jokes. On occasion, he has some really nice lines that are just as memorable. However, for generations to come, Chandler’s best quotes will be known primarily as his role-defining laugh lines on the show.


His reaction to Rachel’s appearance in Central Perk

“And I just want a million dollars.”

When Rachel Green bursts in the doorway of Central Perk in her wedding dress in the endlessly rewatchable pilot episode of Friends, this shocked just about everyone, especially because Ross had just told everyone that all he wanted was to get married again.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for a joke, Chandler makes this remark, one of his funniest and oldest lines on the show. Rachel’s introduction is one of the most memorable in sitcom history, and Chandler gets his own small part in that memoir with this perfectly delivered line.

When Joey reveals his Lick & Put technique

“Oh my God, it can open, worms everywhere.”

Chandler gets mad at Joey for licking cutlery in Friends

Friends is a show so perfectly cast that imagining someone else in the roles is utterly uncomfortable. In terms of Chandler, quite simply, no one could deliver the lines as perfectly as Matthew Perry, and this line is a great example of that.

This is said in horror by Chandler, to whom Joey has just revealed his licking and setting technique for cleaning cutlery as well as his continued use of Chandler’s toothbrush. The line is hilarious on its own, thanks to the timing, but the sentence structure and Perry’s unmistakably brilliant comedic delivery make it all the more memorable.

His quip about Australopithecus

“Maybe he was nervous.”

One of Chandler and Joey’s funniest episodes is “The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know”. It harbors one of Chandler’s best witty jokes to a stressed Ross who exclaims to his co-worker on the phone that Australopithecus was never fully erected.

This is made all the better and more memorable by the setting and the contrast of the characters. Ross and Rachel are dressed, ready to go out while Joey and Chandler sit glued to their new chairs, chowing down on Chinese takeout. Chandler’s laid back delivery and Ross’ look in response are hilarious.

Last words between friends

” Sure. Where ?

Chandler and the gang leave the apartment in Friends

The end of Friends was a pretty fantastic send-off for all six beloved characters, and as is the case with most long-loved shows, the show’s final line was always going to be remembered. It turns out that Chandler got that honor.

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In typical Chandler fashion, it was a sarcastic joke. It obviously takes a little digging about the gang’s time in Central Perk as they head there for what could be the last time in a very, very long time. A perfect way to say goodbye.

His way of coping

“Dear God, this parachute is a backpack!”

Frequently throughout Friends, Chandler finds himself in sticky situations through jokes or comments he makes, putting him in awkward storylines that always see him using humor as a defense mechanism. This is probably the most famous example.

After Monica starts questioning Chandler about why he thinks she won’t be married at forty – ironic given the characters involved – he gets nervous and hits with this quote, launches, and behind the chair, he sits on . It’s a fantastic combination of physical and spoken comedy that manages to get rid of Monica.

When he gives in and confesses

“Because I’m in love with Monica!”

Chandler and Phoebe seduce each other in Friends.

“The one where everyone finds out” is one of the best Friends episodes of all time, having iconic scenes such as Chandler and Phoebe going on a date and seeing Joey become endlessly confused. This is also the episode in which Chandler and Monica declare their love.

Chandler’s pullback from his horribly awkward kiss with Phoebe followed by “I love her, I love her” — combined with frantic hand movements — is one of the show’s most heartwarming moments. It’s a fun moment due to the circumstances, but it’s one of Chandler’s sweetest lines, overall.

When they finally propose to each other

“Monica, will you marry me?”

Friends Monica proposes to Chandler

Friends is littered with emotional moments amidst all the hilarity, and the one that never fails to tear viewers apart is the proposal between Monica and Chandler.

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The whole exchange between the two in their candlelit apartment is memorable. But it’s Chandler’s monologue that’s the most important, and perhaps the most romantic quote of the entire series; “I thought it mattered what I said or where I said it, and then I realized the only thing that mattered was that you made me happier than I ever thought. What if you let me do, I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same.” followed by her popping the question.

His advice to Joey

“Okay. You have to stop the Q-Tip when there is resistance!”

Joey’s cleverness at the start of the seasons is one of the funniest sources of humor – although in later seasons it becomes one of the most frustrating character stories – and Chandler constantly jumps on the stupidity. of Joey with hilarious one-liners.

It’s perhaps the best known of the lot, not just by viewers but by Matthew Perry himself, who considered it his favorite Chandler line on hello america. It’s in response to Joey’s inability to figure out his age in 1990 and it’s a wonderful joke that still has viewers laughing all these years later.

The quote that sums it up best

“I’m not very good at advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

A few different quotes sum up Friends characters, including Chandler, but this line spoken to Rachel may sum it up best. Chandler generally hates serious social interaction, constantly feeling the need to crack jokes, which he admits here.

“Hi, my name is Chandler. I crack jokes when I’m uncomfortable” is another of Chandler’s best quotes that sums up his personality, and the two are pretty interchangeable. Due to the timing and delivery, this line may be better known overall, but it really is a twist.

His desperate call

“I am hopeless, clumsy and desperate for love.”

Chandler’s relationship with Janice in the early seasons of Friends gives way to so many hilarious Chandler moments. But, quote-wise, this frantic outburst from Chandler is perhaps the most memorable — not just of the relationship, but of Chandler as a whole.

It comes when Chandler tries too hard to commit to Janice, scaring her in the process before he breaks down a bit. The way he yells that line before running after Janice is hilarious and one of Chandler Bing’s most iconic moments in Friends and is even accessible to many viewers.

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