‘Ghosts’ Star Devan Chandler Long on Meeting Thorfinn’s ‘Baby Bjorn’

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Ghosts Season 2, Episode 6, “The Baby Bjorn.”]

It’s not every day that you find out you’re living down the road from a long-lost relative without your knowledge, but that was exactly the case for Ghosts‘ Viking resident, Thorfinn (Devan Chandler Long) in the final episode, “The Baby Bjorn”.

The episode offered new insight into the muscular figure’s past as a flashback revealed Thorfinn’s role as baby Bjorn’s father. In the years since leaving Norway, Bjorn (Christian Jadah) has grown up and sought his father in America to perish on the land now owned by the Farnsbys, Margaret (Kathryn Greenwood) and Henry (Mark Linn-Baker). “Two ship lengths” as the characters say in the series.

“It’s kind of a big reveal,” Long told TV Insider. “So it’s just a treat really, and also it’s like, ‘wait, wait, I have a kid. That’s awesome!’ It’s doubly thrilling.As viewers will recall, Thorfinn perished on the plot of land that would one day belong to Hetty’s (Rebecca Wisocky) family and at the Woodstone site, after his crew left him behind him.

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All this time he thought he was alone, but Bjorn hasn’t gone too far for several hundred years. And rest assured, Bjorn will always be a part of the show as Long teases, “I’m excited to see where this is going. Obviously, we’re not just going to introduce Bjorn to you and ship him right away.

This means there will definitely be more screaming, something that certainly played a major role in the episode as Sam (Rose McIver) did his best to connect Thorfinn to his son after meeting Bjorn at the sale. of the Farnsby’s garage. At Jay’s (Utkarsh Ambudkar) suggestion, Sam arranged for Bjorn and Thorfinn to communicate by shouting at each other from the windows of their respective estates.

So, was Long more tense from the extra shouting? “I think my body has acclimated to this new lifestyle,” the actor laughs. I don’t even know what Thorfinn looks like. Like a dragon had sex with a grizzly bear and bonded with a trucker? he asks. “Like, what’s going on with this thing? But my body adapted.

Ghosts Season 2

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Filming the father-son reunion was just as separate as their on-screen lives as ghosts, as Long reveals, “[I was yelling] to a tennis ball, pretending it’s my long-lost son that I’ve never seen. I didn’t even know what he looked like so it’s really interesting. Although they look a lot alike, Long reveals that he only met Jadah “after this whole episode was filmed.”

Although Long acknowledges that the actor may have seen an episode or two of Ghosts before taking on the role of Bjorn, their similarities were just as apparent to him. The reunion almost didn’t happen on screen because of the Viking’s stubbornness to find out that Bjorn had married a Danish girl.

Thorfinn hates the Danes, and he promises to instill that hatred before he leaves behind a baby Bjorn on his fatal journey to America. Unsure if he’ll be able to get past it, Long thinks Thorfinn’s prejudices run deeper than stories of warring Viking bands. “I think we will learn [more]. I played as if maybe Thorfinn’s father was killed by Danes and that’s why he hates them. Only time will tell for sure.

Luckily, Thorfinn’s other Woodstone ghosts urge him to put his disappointment aside to speak with Bjorn through property sharing, showing a more nurturing side to the brutal figure that’s softened upon hearing Bjorn say the word “father.” “I connect with that side of Thorfinn,” Long says of the wilder side of his character. “I could also connect to nurturing aspects,” he adds. “There’s a lot of Thorfinn in me. I look like a big guy, but if you ask my wife, I’m a little teddy bear. I like going to the grocery store [and] cook for my family.

While we can’t see that nurturing side play out up close and personal with her son Bjorn, Long acknowledges that fans might see it come out in her interactions with Flower (Sheila Carrasco). The Viking’s crush on the feisty Hippie has been an ongoing thing since Season 1, and Long teases, “I think the fact that Flower even entertains any aspect of Thorfinn’s advances is huge. He’s got an opportunity, he’ll take a few swings and I think it’s fun to watch [him] try to convince her.

Stay tuned to see how Thorfinn’s rapidly evolving ghost life unfolds as Season 2 continues on CBS.

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