Girl Scout Chandler wins big prize for helping nonprofit that helps people affected by addiction

A Chandler Girl ScoutThe Opioid Project won a big prize, but it also gives a lot back.

In addition to winning the prestigious Gold Award, Megan Burke’s project also benefits Hush-a-bye Nursery, a non-profit organization that helps infants and mothers impacted by opioid addiction.

“So my cousin, a few years ago, he lost his life in a car accident while overdosing on drugs. I don’t have all the information about the drugs that happened there. a few years, and I was quite young at the time,” Burke said. “Since then, I’ve been really passionate about raising awareness about this crisis.”

“Hush-a-bye is truly a two-sided organization. [We have] hospital treatment for infants who are born exposed to opioids, so babies come to us within the first 24 hours after birth, and are in a calm and quiet environment with their caregiver where they can recover from withdrawal symptoms,” said Shauna Anderson. “We also offer wraparound services for families. So we have case management, counselling, education, support groups.”

Burke worked tirelessly to collect diapers and clothing. She also helped bring the Hush-a-bye baby store to life.

“So the first thing I did was talk to Miss Shauna and measure the area, the dimensions of the closet. The next thing I did was make a list of supplies and figure out how we want because we want the closet to be very organized,” Burke said. “And then the next thing I did was I organized a donation drive.”

“The Hush-a-bye Baby Shop is truly a place for families to come, and they can get everything they need for the first year when their child is born,” Anderson said. “For every class or activity families attend, they earn Hush-a-bye money, and that money can be used to purchase items. So, for example, a pack of diapers is $1,500, then a course is where they earn 15 hush bucks.”

Burke Megan has been a Girl Scout for 11 years, she says her time with the organization has helped her develop the skills to work with others and help Hush-a-bye Nursery. Burke, who attends Chandler’s Hamilton High School, spent a total of 80 hours on the project.

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