Justin Gaethje ready to die for UFC title, not Michael Chandler’s fight in New York



If your boss asked you to work overtime – but refused to pay it – you would probably laugh and leave the ship at the five o’clock whistle.

Justin Gaethje is no different.

That’s why “The Highlight” is rejecting calls to make its Michael Chandler contest a five-round fight at UFC 268 in New York City. This does not grant him additional funds and risks his risk of death or disability more.

“Why the fuck should I sign up for two more rounds?” I am paid the same way, ”said Gaethje ESPN (transcribed by Milan Ordonez). “I get paid the same way, at the end of the day. If I ever have to sustain a critical, chronic, or ultimately death (injury) in this cage, it will be turn four or five. So I’m going to save them for championship fights or main events. I am cool.”

Gaethje and Chandler are only two places apart in the official UFC rankings. The winner of their 155-pound contest, which takes place on November 6 inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, could result in the next lightweight title shot.

“The Highlight” and “Iron” both come out of league losses. Gaethje was subdued by Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 254, while Chandler missed his chance to grab the vacant strap after falling to Charles Oliveira at UFC 262.

Oliveira is expected to defend her title against Dustin Poirier in December.


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