Kyle Chandler on what First Edition taught him and the female-led reboot

First edition star Kyle Chandler revealed CBS’ announcement of a female-led reboot of the beloved series made him laugh. During an exclusive interview for Showtime’s Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber with Collider’s Christine RadishChandler also reflected on what the show taught him and how First edition affected his career.

When asked if he was surprised by the female-led reboot of First edition, Chandler said a friend sent him the news and his first reaction was laughter. In Chandler’s words, “He sent it to me and I started laughing. If anything was to pop up on my phone, it wouldn’t have been that. I start laughing. It’s a strange world. It didn’t really surprise me or anything.


While the idea of ​​a reboot amuses Chandler, the star has a special place in her heart for the series, because First edition taught him to get deeply involved in everything he does. As Chandler says, he had the freedom to help work on his scripts in First edition, which made him feel like he was part of the whole process. As Chandler describes the experience:

“The biggest thing I learned from that show was that I used to take the script and they would let me make changes. I would fax those changes to LA, and they would get back to me by fax, or would let me know what was going or not. That way it worked really well because I was able to learn how to work scripts and work scenes. In my mind, I was directing, editing, writing and acting, and I was involved. I was involved in the process and realized how important it is to bring everyone together in the process, so that they own the process. It was a great show .

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Chandler also highlighted how directing First edition from 1996 to 2000 was a lot of work and the show demanded a lot from the cast and crew. As Chandler says:

“I’ll tell you what the show has meant to my career. It was one of the first shows where we almost hit a hundred [episodes]. It was back when you were doing 22 episodes a year, and it was hard work, especially this show because it was winter. We were using all these bridges late at night. We would do a lot of Fraturdays. In business, it’s when you work from Friday evening to Saturday morning, but you still go back to work on Monday morning, early. My first daughter, Sydney, was just born when I got this job, so it was huge for me, as a young man and as a family man. It was really important. And it was a great experience. »

First edition follows the story of a man named Gary (Chandler), who mysteriously begins to receive a copy of the Chicago Sun-Times a day early. Gifted with a special knowledge of the future, Gary tries to use what he learns from the diary to prevent terrible events every day. The series ran for four seasons and 90 episodes. The series received a pilot order for a female-led reboot earlier this month.

Chandler will be seen next on The battle for Uber, the first season of an anthology series about the trade deals that changed the world forever, for better or for worse. The first season features Chandler and Joseph Gordon-Levitt respectively as Travis Kalanick and Bill Gurley, as co-creators of Uber.

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber premieres on Showtime Sunday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Look for our full conversation with Chandler soon.


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