Little People star’s son Caryn Chandler, Connor, enjoys day out with month-old son at Roloff Farms after harassment arrest


LITTLE People, Connor, the son of Big World star Caryn Chandler, enjoyed Roloff Farms opening weekend with his month-old son Liam Joseph.

The family outing comes after The Sun reported that Connor, 22, escaped jail in his harassment case against his mother.


Caryn Chandler’s son Connor spent the day with his month-old son at Roloff FarmsCredit: Instagram
The Roloff family took advantage of the opening weekend of the pumpkin season


The Roloff family took advantage of the opening weekend of the pumpkin seasonCredit: instagram

The Roloff Farms Instagram page posted a cute photo of Connor holding Liam, born in August.

Liam was perfectly dressed for the pumpkin season opening weekend, as he wore a jumpsuit with pumpkins, cobwebs, bats, and other Halloween-themed designs.

The boy’s look was topped with a festive orange hat and black pants.

Matt Roloff’s girlfriend and proud grandmother Caryn captioned a photo holding Liam: “My grandson’s first time at the patch today.”

She also posted pictures of Liam with her parents and with her daughter Brittany.


Roloff Farms famous pumpkin season kicked off this weekend with attractions such as a wagon tour, spooky forest, pumpkin picking, train rides, and other fall attractions.

Mast, 59, captioned a photo with her youngest son Jacob: “Who’s excited ?! Pumpkin patch season 2021 is officially here! Day one has gone off without a hitch, these two helped make sure 🙌 🏻. “

Despite Matt’s divorce from his wife Amy, 57, was involved in welcoming guests as she even showed off her dancing skills in a coconut bra and grass skirt with her new husband Chris Marek.

Jeremy and Audrey, and Zach and Tori were absent from the festivities.

The 100-acre farm at Helvetia – just 15 miles outside of Portland – is run by Patriarch Matt.

The family bought the “little upper property” in 1990, when they only had “an old demolished farmhouse, a crumbling barn and an overgrown peach orchard”.

Over the years, Roloff Farms has grown into over 100 acres and attracts visitors from all over the world, which has been seen on Little People, Big World.

The sprawling property is home to the family’s famous 36-acre pumpkin patch, as well as a hand-built wooden ship.


Connor’s family outing comes after his legal troubles.

Connor was arrested on January 11, 2020 and has been charged with two counts of harassment against his mother Caryn.

In May, he received two additional charges of “attempting to use physical force or threatening to use a deadly weapon” and “unlawfully and intentionally damaging property of Caryn Chandler”, while he was pleading not guilty at the time. the charges have been laid.

Connor pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor misdemeanor on the day of his scheduled trial. The other three charges were dropped.

The court documents read as follows: “On or about 1/11/2020, unlawfully and intentionally damaged property of Caryn Chandler, said defendant having no right to do so and no reasonable grounds to believe that the said defendant had such a right. “

Connor has been given 18 months probation, which means he will inquire with a judge, not a probation officer.

He was also ordered to perform 48 hours of community service and pay $ 200 in fees.

He should not have “any offensive contact” with his mother.


Connor has struggled with drug addiction as well, as he once told The Sun: “I was just another kid partying in high school and one day after a party I had Xanax left over, I took it. .

“[I] realized how I was feeling and it snowballed from there. I didn’t want to quit, I didn’t see a reason to quit because I was high 24/7.

“I thought everyone was [the] enemy, so I refused any help offered, which led to my addiction to take away everything that was important in my life.

“Rehabilitation never helped, I ended up getting sober after I turned 18 and on my own, once I was on probation. It just happened, one day I was done. , tired of living this life.

“I have friends who are no longer there because of the pills, and I know it could have been different if they had received the right help the first time around.”

He added that the addiction “took over” his life.

Connor continued, “I’m glad that happened when I was a kid, that’s what I can say, I was able to really learn before I really started my future. I’m a good kid.

“I don’t steal, I don’t do drugs. I have a good relationship with my family and friends, I go out on weekends and work weekdays like everyone else.

Connor has changed his life because he is sober today and his girlfriend Ashlee gave birth to their son on August 22.

Proud grandmother Caryn documented her grandson's first time at the pumpkin patch


Proud grandmother Caryn documented her grandson’s first time at the pumpkin patchCredit: Instagram
Connor escaped jail when arrested for harassment


Connor escaped jail when arrested for harassmentCredit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office
Connor struggled with drug addiction, but is now sober today


Connor struggled with drug addiction, but is now sober todayCredit: Instagram

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