Old City Canning Co. Reopening of Chandlery Scent Studio

PHILADEPHIAIn November 2020, Stanford Ponson, owner of Old City Canning Co., opened The Chandlery Scent Studio – a 700 square foot space filled with everything from handmade candles to scented sprays, soaps, gifts and accessories from local artisans. But after significant staff shortages and pandemic-related supply chain issues, Ponson was forced to close the store in January 2022. Now, just in time for the holiday shopping season, The Chandlery is reopening at 1533 South Street, with an official opening date of Friday, November 11e.

And while America has seen unprecedented price increases everywhere due to inflation, Ponson is taking the opposite route, reopening its store with prices as low as 20% below the retailer average.

“I want to stay as accessible and affordable as possible for everyone who walks through the door,” said Ponson, a self-described Philadelphian who started Old City Canning Co. in 2017. where we can be profitable without raising our prices, despite the cost of goods, shipping and almost everything increasing since we opened our doors less than two years ago.And because we manufacture most of our products from scratch, we can cut out the middleman and pass those savings on to customers.”

Old City Canning Co. has grown exponentially in recent years, becoming one of the leading candle manufacturers in Philadelphia, producing nearly 20,000 candles per year. Today, his product – which he and his team handcraft at Jasper Studios in Kensington – graces the shelves at its physical location in the city’s University Hospital area. Ponson said the store will be open Thursday through Sunday and will remain open in the evenings for the dinner crowds that frequent this section of South Street.

The entire interior of the LGBTQ-owned and operated business has been revamped, and Ponson is adding themed candle-making experiences to the store’s offerings. “Smell is the most underrated sense. Our candle making workshops are designed to highlight the similarities between candle scents and other sensory activities like wine tasting, flower arranging or tea blend.This is a different approach to your typical candle making class.

In addition to candles, The Chandlery will retail cutting boards, rugs, pillows, home décor and gifts from local florists and artisans. Pretty much everything in the shop is handmade or produced locally. In addition to making signature candles, Ponson also consults with customers to produce custom scents through his contract manufacturing company, Philadelphia Scent Studio. Philly Scent Studio designs and manufactures scented products for every business, from family boutiques to the largest distributors.

“Our mission is to bring premium scents and experiences to everyday Philadelphians. We ultimately try to showcase ‘Haute Couture’ scents and make them accessible to everyone. “We opened in the intention to be a modern supply store for your home,” said Ponson, who moved to Philadelphia from Baton Rouge for law school in 2013. “I learned a lot about this neighborhood when I opened my store in 2020, and I know people here are looking for a fresh, fun, and positive space to shop for gifts. Adding classes and more experiences to the shop is exciting, and I can’t wait to open the doors again.

Among the local producers featured in The Chandlery are RAM Floral, who provide stylish arrangements; pillows, rugs and textiles from Minimal Chaos; coffee by Blind Tiger Coffee in Kensington; blended teas by Blushing Wren Botanicals of Haddonfield; and handmade ceramics by ASH True Goods. The Chandlery offers beautiful handmade cutting boards from locally milled cherry, oak and black walnut by Thundergust Mill. Regional vendors include Crystal River Gems of Pittsburgh, which cut stone coasters; bath and body products from Petal & Flame; and premium cocktail mixes by Long Island’s Hella Cocktails.

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