Plans for a drive-thru restaurant in the Asda car park at Chandler’s Ford

PLANS for a new drive-thru restaurant in a busy supermarket car park have been met with strong objections.

Euro Garages is looking to erect a new restaurant on the grounds of Chandler’s Ford Asda, near Bournemouth Road.

But two local residents have already publicly objected – fearing the already congested area could become “piled up” with cars.

David Lange, of Meadow Grove, wrote to Eastleigh Borough Council: ‘When considering this application, Eastleigh Borough Council should familiarize themselves with the traffic jams already present with cars regularly ‘stacked’ in a line Hedge End McDonald’s stationary drive-thru is caused solely by the restricted size of the car park, lack of capacity and, congestion caused at the roundabout near this site.

Plans for a new drive-thru restaurant in Chandler’s Ford Asda parking lot. Photo: Eastleigh Borough Council/Euro Garages

“Pollution levels from these stationary vehicles must also exceed currently permitted standards. Associated business/industrial parks nearby also add to traffic pollution.

“The siting of the proposed building in the Asda Chandlers Ford car park has the same issues, namely the building located in a restricted area, the weaving road layout, the one-way system here, the proximity to the store entrance, the main roundabout on the motorway, delivery entrance, car wash entrance, click and collect point and petrol station. A recipe for the same excessive traffic jams and pollution levels.”

Residents have taken to social media, with most speculating that McDonald’s will occupy the restaurant if the scheme is approved.

But when the Echo contacted Euro Garages, owned by billionaire Issa brothers of Blackburn, the company declined to provide further details of the request.

Plans are to site the restaurant near the entrance to the car park from the roundabout which connects Templars Way, Chestnut Avenue and Bournemouth Road.

Emma Stafford, who works nearby, said: “That’s ridiculous! If it was at the back of the car park it wouldn’t be so bad, but having it towards the entrance would cause an absolute ruckus.

“Where they are all very close to a roundabout in Hedge End traffic is backing up in all directions! It may already be bad at this roundabout in Eastleigh so it will get even worse having a KFC just inside a parking lot entrance What are they thinking?

“It will cause traffic chaos and more pollution from cars sitting in traffic. I may not live nearby, but I work nearby and use this Asda on a weekly basis!”

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