Popular Fast-Casual Restaurant Honeygrow Partners with DailyPay to Boost Employee Hiring and Seniority

In an effort to provide its employees with financial wellness tools, honeygrow is implementing a popular pay-as-you-go benefit

NEW YORK, August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — honeythe philadelphia creamconcept based on fast-casual, associated with Daily Pay – the leader in payment on demand. Through this partnership, Honeygrow Restaurant employees can now access their earned pay after completing a shift. Ultimately, the DailyPay benefit allows employees to access their pay as they earn it, eliminating the need for payday loans and overdraft fees as they can pay bills , save, spend or invest on their own schedules.

“Customers have many choices in the QSR and the fast-casual space. The strength of a restaurant’s employees is a primary differentiator when making this choice,” said Justin Rosenberg, Founder and CEO Honeygrow. “We want our team to be happy and ready for success. As we’ve seen people react positively to the idea of ​​pay-as-you-go, DailyPay just made sense.”

Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniahoneygrow is a new fast-casual restaurant with 29 locations across Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The company will use DailyPay as a financial wellness benefit for its employees. With DailyPay, honeygrow employees will be in control of their financial health. A investigation conducted by DailyPay found that 85% of those who use a daily allowance say it allows them to budget and pay big monthly bills like rent, utilities and car payments.

honeygrow is one of the latest QSRs to implement DailyPay. By doing so, honeygrow can stay competitive by attracting and retaining qualified talent. DailyPay’s survey found that employers who offer on-demand compensation through DailyPay are able to recruit and fill vacancies in half the time (52%). The survey also found that 74% of DailyPay users say having access to their earned income has helped reduce their financial stress, making them more productive at work.

About honey cultivation:

honeygrow is on a mission to bring people together through healthy, simple food. Founded in 2012, the philadelphia creamspecializes in irresistible, customizable stir-fries, salads and honey bars. Using only the highest quality foods, honeygrow offers a robust variety of nutritional options for customers across a wide range of lifestyles. honeygrow currently has 29 locations in the northeast. For more information on growing honey, visit www.honeygrow.com and follow honeygrow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Daily Pay

DailyPay, Inc., powered by its cutting-edge technology platform, is on a mission to build a new financial system. Partnered with top US employers, including Dollar Tree and Adecco, DailyPay is the recognized leader in on-demand payment. With its vast data network, proprietary funding model and connections to over 6,000 banking system endpoints, DailyPay ensures that money is always in the right place at the right time for employers, merchants and financial institutions. DailyPay develops the technology and the mindset to reinvent the way money moves, from the start of work. DailyPay is headquartered in New York Citywith operations based in Minneapolis. For more information, visit www.dailypay.com/press.

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