Raiders’ Chandler Jones makes impact despite lack of production

It would be hard to find any statistical measure by which Chandler Jones had the significant impact the Raiders expected when they signed him to a huge free agent deal this offseason.

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t made his presence felt for the improved defensive unit.

“He makes a lot of plays that don’t show up in the stats,” coach Josh McDaniels said Monday. “And it probably won’t be good enough for everyone to listen to, but he’s making plays in the running game. He took several detention penalties yesterday. I mean, there’s ways to produce and there is a way to impact the game beyond the one column everyone is looking for.

Jones, 32, has not been sacked in four games, the longest drought to start a season in his professional career. He’s been credited with eight quarterback pressures, tied for 52nd among NFL leading rushers, according to Pro Football Focus.

That same site gave Jones his best rating of the season by far on Sunday as he began to make his presence felt.

McDaniels said Jones and the rest of the group up front put a lot of pressure on the Broncos offensive line and allowed plays to be made behind them.

“I think the impact is sometimes, if you look at it and measure it just by a column, you can misjudge it a little bit,” McDaniels said. “I like the way he plays. I like the effort with which he plays.

Jones also earned the respect of his teammates, including his locker room neighbor, Divine Deablo.

“I ask him questions every day,” the linebacker said. “It’s about the details. I love it. He helps us a lot. »

In protocol

Denzel Perryman left Sunday’s game to be checked for a possible concussion. McDaniels confirmed Monday that the Raiders linebacker is within league protocol.

“We’re going to work on it this week,” McDaniels said.

Shut up

After Sunday’s victory, Maxx Crosby said the number of Broncos fans at Allegiant Stadium was noticeable.

Center Andre James added Monday that their presence actually had an impact on the offensive signal. “We had to do a silent count, which we weren’t expecting.”

The next home game is Oct. 23 against the Texans, a fanbase that traditionally doesn’t travel exceptionally well.

Put in place

The Raiders lined up Josh Jacobs at fullback for a short-range play against the Cardinals in Week 2 and gave him the ball as the first man. He landed a first down.

McDaniels took advantage of the Broncos seeing this play on film with a key third-game call on Sunday.

Jacobs lined up at the back on a third-and-2 play on what turned out to be the deciding drive. As Denver’s defense pointed it out and seemed to believe the play was sniffed, the Raiders used Jacobs as a decoy and threw the ball to Zamir White for a big win instead.

“They noticed he was there (in the back), what they should do is defend well,” McDaniels said. “We felt like we might have an advantage to send the ball into the corner if everyone tried to play inside, so I thought Derek had done a good job of throwing it well and then Zamir obviously overtook everyone in the area.”

Jacobs rushed for a career-high 144 yards, but the Raiders also believe they have special talent in white. The only problem is that Jacobs never seems to need a break, according to McDaniels.

“I think it’s a tribute to the kid and how much he loves football, how much he competes game after game,” McDaniels said of Jacobs.

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