Resignation letter from former NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler released

NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler’s resignation letter revealed his issues over the relationship between ousted minister Eleni Petinos and the property renovation group that employed former Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro .

In his letter, Mr Chandler explained how he received calls from Ms Petinos and Mr Barilaro after placing a business closure order on Coronation Property Group.

At the time, Coronation was having issues with the Building Commissioner to accommodate a major housing improvement in Merrylands, West Sydney.

A construction veteran, Mr Chandler abruptly resigned last month after three years to halt construction work following the Opal and Mascot Towers fiasco.

In his resignation letter dated July 7, 2022, Mr Chandler spoke of “difficult” dealings with Ms Petinos’ workplace and expressed concern about her relationship with Coronation Property Group.

Eleni Petinos has been sacked from the NSW ministry after allegations of bullying.(AAP: Bianca De Marchi)

He said the problems peaked with Coronation’s Merrylands upgrade.

“These issues crystallized through the suspension orders issued under the Design and Construction Practitioners Act,” he wrote.

“As suggested, I got a name from the Minister’s Office shortly after the publication of a draft Coronation Merrylands Growth By-Law.”

Shortly after, she received another message from John Barilaro.

“This person came to me on my private phone to talk to me,” he wrote.

Mr Chandler said he was aware that Mr Barilaro had recently joined the Coronation Board.

The construction commissioner then met with Mr. Barilaro “to answer his questions”.

Mr Barilaro said the couple they met did not focus on the building ban Coronation faced.

“We never talked about the stop order, and I never asked for anything regarding the stop order,” Barilaro said in a statement today. Mentioned.

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The former Deputy Prime Minister admitted meeting Mr Chandler but denied discussing the building ban.(Facebook: Dave Layzell)

Earlier this week it was revealed that Mr Barilaro had also met Ms Petinos in the weeks before the work stoppage order was lifted on July 4, 2022.

Giving evidence to a parliamentary inquiry on Monday, Mr Barilaro said he was no longer employed by Coronation during a meeting with Ms Petinos to celebrate his appointment as NSW Trade Commissioner in New York.

Mr Chandler’s feelings of separation were made public after Labor effectively delivered a motion in the Upper House on Wednesday to urge state authorities to dispatch the letter within 24 hours.

Last month, the premier fired Petinos as the province’s honest trade minister, citing bullying allegations involving his employees.

Yesterday, Mr. Perrottet stood by his earlier testimony that Mr. Chandler’s resignation had nothing to do with Ms. Petinos.

The resignation letter was sent to Emma Hogan, supervisor of Mr. Chandler, Secretary of the Buyer Services Division.

It turned out that Mr. Perrottet had spoken to Ms. Hogan shortly before firing Ms. Petinos.

At present, the Prime Minister has been under pressure in parliament to debate the content of these discussions.

“Did any of those points have to do with the connection between Minister Petinos, the coronation team or Mr. Barilaro?” Labor leader Chris Minns asked.

Perrottet replied, “I had a meeting with the division secretary, and the main focus of this dialogue was on personnel matters.”

“The issues raised in relation to the request made by the Leader of the Opposition were inconsequential.”

The outgoing Building Commissioner concluded his letter of resignation with the following sentences: “Given the current status of all the above matters, I imagine that my continuing post as NSW Building Commissioner n is more viable.”


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