Scott Morrison backs Liberal Senator Claire Chandler’s ‘save women’s sport’ bill

Scott Morrison has backed a bill that would provide legal protection to clubs offering single-sex sports for women amid criticism from transgender rights supporters.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backed a bill tabled by a Liberal senator that aims to give legal protection to clubs offering single-sex women’s sport.

Mr Morrison on Tuesday gave his support to Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler’s ‘save women’s sport’ bill, calling it ‘tremendous’.

“I support her, as Claire knows. I think it’s a great bill and I’ve been very supportive of her,” he said.

“I mean, Claire is a champion of women’s sports, and I think she was right to raise these issues the way she did. Well done Claire.”

Ms Chandler introduced her private member’s bill – the Sex Discrimination and Other Legislation (Save Women’s Sport) Bill 2022 – amid criticism from transgender equality advocates.

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“What I want to see, and what my bill will seek to do, is to ensure that local sports clubs, administrators and volunteers cannot be sued if they choose to offer sport single-sex female,” she told Sky News. Australian Peta Credlin last week.

“We are unfortunately in a position where currently under the Sex Discrimination Act there is significant ambiguity as to whether sports clubs are able to do this.

“So all my bill will do is make sure the law is clear and that sports clubs know they can play single-sex sport for women without having to fear legal action for it. .”

Ms Chandler said it was a ‘women’s rights issue’ that needed to be addressed.

“The question everyone should be asking when thinking about this issue and considering whether or not they will support my bill is do you agree that women and girls Australian women have the right to be single ? sport? she says.

“I think most common-sense Australians would answer yes to that very simple question.”

Dr Charlie Burton, spokesperson for Equality Tasmania, said Mr Morrison had “shown a complete lack of empathy for trans and gender diverse Australians” in recent weeks and that Ms Chandler’s bill ” deprive transgender people of the right to live as we are.”

“In Tasmania, transgender women have been playing women’s sport and accessing women’s services for many years without any of the problems that Senator Chandler predicted,” Dr Burton said.

“Tasmanian sports organizations are actively seeking advice on how to be more inclusive, not less, with strong support from the Tasmanian Liberal Government.

“We reject attempts to sow fear and division over policies that have worked well and made Tasmania a better place for everyone.”

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