Singaporean Chandler, 24, makes and sells affordable soy candles to raise funds for Ukraine


Jesslyn, 24, started Wickerie in 2014 to provide quality candles at an affordable price. She felt that most “big name candle brands” were selling overpriced candles that used paraffin wax and wanted to produce a healthier, cheaper alternative.

Jesslyn of Wickerie

She also wanted to “formulate fun themed candles based on certain feelings or sights”, as she had trouble finding themed candles in Singapore.

A Wickerie themed candle that is blue and red, with Harley Quinn and Joker figures
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Curious to see what the themed candles look like, this correspondent checked out the different scents offered on the Wickerie website (there are a total of about 15 scents).

Some thematic candles for sale on the Wickerie website
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Besides the usual offerings like Lavender Lemon and Morning Coffee (I wonder if that would be enough to ease my coffee addiction), there are also themed candles like Welcome to the Jungle (Guns and Roses x Jumanji) and Witch’s Brew (Road Dahl’s The Witches).

Hand holding a wickerie candle against the Singapore skyline
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Jesslyn only uses soy wax for their candles because paraffin wax, although it may have a stronger smell, is not the best for your health. On the other hand, Wickerie’s candles, which are produced in small batches, are supposed to be safe even for babies. This TikTok video from Wickerie offers insight into the complex candle-making process.

@wickerieAll proceeds from this candle go to the Red Cross response in Ukraine. Link in bio! #standwithukraine #standwithukraine🇺🇦 #stopwar #singapore

♬ I can smell it v3 – Nick Sena and Danny Echevarria

Jesslyn says that while making candles is her dream, she doesn’t want to turn Wickerie into a “candle-making machine like the big brands”. The following section, which presents the latest Wickerie initiative that led to the publication of this article, will serve as proof of this claim.

Candles for Ukraine

On March 6, 2022, Wickerie announced that she would be formulating a candle in an effort to raise funds for Red Cross humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. These candles will be topped with blue and yellow spots.

“The purpose of selling these candles is to raise funds and awareness among Singaporeans about the war between Ukraine and Russia, as I think many of them are unaware and/or unaware of the situation there.

My heart goes out to all Ukrainians and their families, may they be safe and Русский корабль, иди нахуй (Russian warship, fuck you)! – Jesslyn, Wickerie

As for the scent, you can choose from one of the 15 scents below.

Wickerie candle to raise funds for Ukraine

If you’re spoiled for choice, you can select “Anything” and Jesslyn will choose a scent for you.

@wickerieTopping orders from the past few days! Thank you all for your support 🇺🇦#StandWithUkraine #smallbusiness #supportlocalsg #stopwar #stopputin

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Users praised Wickerie’s initiative on Instagram.

Instagram comments applauding Wickerie's fundraiser for Ukraine

Jesslyn shared that seeing her Ukrainian partner’s reaction to the invasion inspired her to start this campaign.

As my partner is Ukrainian, I have seen how devastating it is to see your country attacked, just for the right to be independent. Every day you pray that you can always communicate with your family and friends. Every day you hope your house is still standing and not being shot down by missiles. Every day you wonder if your country is still your country.

When the war started in Ukraine, it was heartbreaking how few Singaporeans were aware of the crisis or even unaware of the fact that innocent human lives were being lost in this war. As a local small business, I decided to create the #StandWithUkraine candle in hopes of raising awareness of the crisis among Singaporeans to help raise funds for the Singapore Red Cross response in Ukraine for humanitarian aid.

Living in a small country that had to fight for its independence not too long ago, I hope Singaporeans won’t take our freedom for granted. Let’s stand together and reach out, let us #StandWithUkraine.

The #StandWithUkraine candles are priced at just SGD 19.90 each and can burn for around 35-40 hours. If you would like to order one, you can do so at this link.

Wake Up Singapore understands that funds raised will be returned at the end of each month.

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