Snake, Chandler’s Ford: Nearly 1,000 sign petition calling for large pet snakes to be banned

NEARLY 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for a ban on large pet snakes in Britain.

The petition was launched last month after an albino Burmese python – around 18ft long – was seen sneaking through the window of a property in Ribbles Close, Chandler’s Ford.

As noted, the snake shocked street residents who were struck with fear at the sight.

John Williams, a 30-year-old cruise port worker, started a petition the day after the escape.

His petition has now been supported by 981 people.

Signatory Sheena Nelson said: “All exotic pets should be banned, people get fed up with them or they get too big they let them out and then our country has invasive species.”

Samantha Michaels added: ‘It is despicable that these deadly animals are allowed to be pets.

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Robert Wheeler added: “I’m signing because I totally agree with all the suggestions put forward.

“I hate snakes and think people who choose them as pets should have their heads examined.

“I would also add that owners of large reptiles require regular site inspections/visits to ensure that the ‘pet’ is both well cared for but, more importantly, that it is properly housed and that his aquarium is robust and secure.

“Furthermore, I would suggest that owners only be allowed to keep reptiles until they reach a certain size, at which time the reptile must be turned over to the local zoo.

“Owners of pets considered a danger to those foolish enough to have them in the home should sign a waiver when taking possession that once a certain size the reptile must be released or destroyed. ”

Colleen McDuling said: “Snakes belong in the wild or in accredited snake sanctuaries.

“Snakes have no place in the pet trade.

“Their natural behavior is not taken into consideration and they are often housed in aquariums. This is not acceptable. In short, snakes have no place in the pet trade.”

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