“Somehow Wrong” – Khabib Nurmagomedov on Michael Chandler



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Khabib Nurmagomedov shows no signs of returning to competition anytime soon. The former champion doesn’t let that stop him from keeping a close watch on the division he once dominated for so long. Khabib is unimpressed by Michael Chandler‘s antics in the UFC, describing the prospect of Chandler holding the title as “sort of fake”:

“It would be a shame if Michael Chandler wins. Two fights in the UFC and already a champion – that would sort of be wrong.

“Somehow Wrong” – Khabib on Chandler

Khabib seems to have nothing against Chandler, but he has a better opinion of Oliveira, who resoundingly beat Chandler to win the title:

“Charles Oliveira has improved a lot. He is a worthy champion. I’m happy for him. Charles Oliveira is a very worthy champion. He appears to have eight straight wins. So many finishes. If I remember correctly, only against Tony Ferguson he had a full fight. I think Oliveira is a very worthy champion. Lots of finishes, lots of UFC records.

However, Khabib maintains an unwavering faith in his teammate Islam Makhachev. As strong as Oliveira is, with a wide range of finishes and serious abilities both on the ground and on his feet, Khabib has a firm belief that Oliveira’s time at the top will be short.

“When Islam Makhachev moves up the rankings, Oliveira will no longer be a champion. The main thing is that Oliveira understands my words correctly. I respect him, he’s a worthy champion. But when Islam increases, there will be another champion in the year.

In fact, Khabib predicts that Dustin Poirier will defeat McGregor and reclaim the lightweight title from Charles Oliveira, stating that “there will be another champion in the year. In my eyes, it will be Dustin Poirier. Of course, Poirier has to defeat Conor McGregor first, but there is clearly no love lost between the Russian and his Irish rival.

Charles Oliveira will likely defend his title against whoever wins the Poirier-McGregor trilogy fight in July, although Michael Chandler is already calling for a rematch. The lightweight division remains as deep as ever, with strong contenders in Beneil Dariush, Justin Gaethje and, of course, Khabib favorite Islam Makhachev.

Do you think Oliveira will maintain a title reign to rival that of Khabib, or are her days at the top? Will it be Michael Chandler or Dustin Poirier who takes the title from Oliveira, or is Khabib far away? Let us know in the comments what you think.

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