The 10 worst things Chandler did to Monica

When Chandler and Monica first met in Friends, no one knew if they would last. Monica is neat, organized and high maintenance. Chandler is messy, lazy, and prefers to relax and unwind. Yet the pair pulled it off, complementing each other perfectly, proving that opposites attract.

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As sound and wholesome as their relationship was, Chandler and Monica still had their fair share of issues. Chandler’s sarcastic nature and stunted emotions sometimes pushed him into action. This left Monica picking up the pieces of their damaged relationship.

ten Chandler knew exactly how to upset Monica

Every time Monica pressed Chandler’s buttons, he knew exactly what to do/say to get her to leave him alone. In The one where Ross finds out, Monica became Chandler’s personal trainer. Stubborn as ever, Monica wasn’t willing to let Chandler give up on her goal of losing weight. Chandler had other plans. Since he couldn’t convince Monica to leave him alone, he hit her where it hurt. He gave a speech about her failed career, her lack of a romantic partner, and how she should just give up. The worst thing about the speech wasn’t that Chandler upset Monica, but rather that he made her think all those negative thoughts were his idea. The conversation left Monica distressed.

9 Chandler lit a cigarette to annoy Monica.

Usually, Chandler is the first to give up in a fight. There are a few occasions when he won’t let a problem pass. It’s times like these that Chandler would rather make things worse than put them to sleep. When Chandler and Monica were separated by Chandler’s job, things between them were strained. They were trying for a baby, Chandler was commuting between states, and the two had little time to communicate.

In The one with Phoebe’s birthday dinner, Monica cracked up when she found out Chandler had been smoking. Instead of apologizing or explaining his side of the story, Chandler escalated the argument, lighting another cigarette in front of Monica. Sometimes he preferred to chat rather than talk.

8 Chandler called Monica Fat

Monica has always had self-esteem issues, especially about her weight. While Ross and Chandler attended college together, Chandler visited the Geller household frequently. Chandler was oblivious to Monica’s weight when he was at the Gellers. He described Monica to Ross as “your big sister.” Although Chandler never wanted Monica to hear it, he could have kept his thoughts to himself.

That wasn’t the only time Chandler was numb about the subject, as he told Monica about a girl he dumped because of her weight. He regularly made sarcastic comments about how fat their kids were going to get. Monica’s weight has always been a trigger for her, but Chandler never seemed to care.

7 Chandler forbade Monica from talking to Richard

When Monica met Richard for lunch, she chose not to tell Chandler. Monica was afraid this would make him act insecure or childish. When Phoebe accidentally revealed the secret, Chandler quickly became passive-aggressive. As the argument progressed, Chandler even went so far as to ban Monica from seeing Richard again.

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Monica replied that she would not be checked. Although she never intended to see Richard again, she didn’t want to let Chandler dictate her life. Rather than apologizing, Chandler sarcastically kept the argument going, ruining their first day in Vegas.

6 He didn’t pay attention to her on their first weekend

When Chandler and Monica started seeing each other, they kept their relationship a secret. They were afraid that if anyone found out, it would be the end of them. In The one with the Kips, Chandler and Monica decide to leave together and say they were on separate work trips. As soon as they were alone together, Chandler immediately turned his attention to the TV. Monica just wanted to hang out with Chandler, he completely ignored her and then started a fight. Monica was more important than a car chase on TV.

5 Chandler claimed he never wanted to get married

In an attempt to surprise Monica with his proposal, Chandler convinced her that he never wanted to get married. Although his intentions were good, Chandler should have known that such drastic measures would scare Monica. Monica always wanted to settle down with the man she loved and start a family. Since Chandler is no stranger to panicking, he should have known how much such an action would affect Monica. Monica then ran to Richard for comfort. Chandler proved he didn’t know Monica as well as he claimed.

4 Chandler stole Richard’s VHS tape because he didn’t trust Monica

Chandler considered Richard the love of Monica’s life. Chandler often resented Richard, and whenever the topic of Richard came up, he didn’t always respond responsibly. Usually, Chandler would limit himself to a sarcastic joke or a sarcastic comment about Richard. Sometimes his cloudy judgment led him to do something reckless.

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When Joey was looking for investment opportunities, he took Chandler with him to see Richard’s apartment. In The one with the inappropriate Ross song, Chandler found a tape with Monica’s name on it. He assumed it was a sex video. He stole it because his insecurities overtook his common sense. Although the tape contained nothing untoward, Chandler’s theft involved a disturbing lack of trust between him and Monica.

3 Chandler agreed to move to Tulsa

When Chandler and Monica were ready to start their life together, Chandler threw a wrench in the works by agreeing to move to Tulsa for work. Although it was an accident, Chandler made no attempt to explain his situation to his employers. Instead, he told Monica she should prepare to move from New York to Oklahoma. This should never have happened to Monica. Chandler should have already tried to spare his wife instead of pleasing his employer.

2 Chandler took Monica’s apartment

The one with the embryos sees Ross holding the iconic quiz of who knows each other better – the boys or the girls. Chandler and Joey fought Monica and Rachel. Viewers remember Monica betting the girls’ apartment, she only did it because Chandler suggested it. Chandler used Monica’s competitive nature against her. Monica’s bet apartment was a much bigger sacrifice than Chandler’s bet pets, making the bet unequal from the start. Desperate to hold on to the win, Chandler was unwilling to back down.

1 Chandler first left Monica at the altar

At any point in their relationship, Chandler could have voiced his concerns to Monica about the marriage. But he remained silent, assuming he would be fine. The day before their wedding, he ran away. Phoebe, Joey and Ross chased Chandler while Rachel distracted Monica. Although Chandler eventually returned of his own free will, he still planned to abandon Monica on their wedding day. If he had ever doubted his relationship with Monica, he could have told her about it instead of running away at the last possible moment.

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