The Chandlery Candle Co was born out of a passion for home fragrance!

Each candle captures our favorite scent notes and each scent is created by carefully combining pure, phthalate-free, non-toxic, and dye-free essential oils, making them 100% natural. We do not use fragrance oils which are a mixture of various ingredients from animals, plants and aromatic chemicals that would make them synthetic.

It is an important part of our mission to provide handcrafted candles and melted waxes that are affordable luxury and safe for the environment. All of our vessels are also reusable.

By handcrafting our products in small batches, we can ensure that the highest quality and best performance are maintained. We also carefully hand-pack each product to control their safe arrival at your doorstep. Our candles and melted waxes are ideal for Christmas gifts.

Our product line consists of six fragrances:

Candle options range from 250g, 500g and 1kg products with prices starting at R295, while our melted waxes are available in 50g or 120g options, starting at R80.

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