Trade for Chandler Jones would turn passing rush into elite unit


We don’t talk much about it but Chandler Jones could be on the commercial block and if he is, the Cincinnati Bengals have to call the Cardinals and offer just about anything they ask for. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports wrote an article about Jones and how a successful business could be on the horizon, that’s what inspired me to write this article.

Of course, no one asked Chandler Jones what was going on between him and the Cardinals on a national TV phone call, but even pay attention to Arizona OTAs a little and it’s clear that not everything is. it’s not rosy between the player and the team (something that we have been planning and anticipating and I told you it was happening months ago). Jones, despite being one of the elite pass runners of his generation, is still on a former contract with no guaranteed money. There have been no words to extend it until the 2021 season, and, well, the signs so far have all pointed in a predictable direction.

If this is true, the Bengals could be one of the first to know about Jones’ availability and what it would cost to land the first pass-rusher. Last year hasn’t been a great one for Jones, but before that he was leading a five-season double-digit sack streak, including 19 sacks in 2019.

The Bengals had the fewest sacks in 2020 and they failed to hold back Carl Lawson this offseason. they signed Trey hendrickson away from the Saints and added four defensive linemen to the 2021 NFL Draft, proving they are making strides to improve after the quarterback, but imagine Jones joining that squad. It would be fatal.

Chandler Jones wouldn’t be cheap, but he would make the Bengals elite go through quickly.

To land Jones, the Bengals would have to part ways with several draft picks as well as a key player, maybe even two. Who would they be willing to send to Arizona in exchange for Jones? His injury from last year could be used against him, but again, it was a bicep injury, which isn’t as scary to move on as a knee or ACL injury.

If that trade happened, Jones would team up with Hendrickson – who totaled 13.5 sacks last year in New Orleans – would be a deadly duo. Suddenly the Bengals’ pass rush would turn from weakness to strength and it would give them the juice to fight in their tough division.

The asking price would be steep, but for a pass rush from the Bengals that placed last in the league in sacks a season ago, it would be worth it to bring in Chandler Jones and leave him, Hendrickson and the others new additions to defense wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks this year.

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