“We are not here to move on” good players


Cardinals star Chandler Jones recently said his focus is on football, not his much-talked-about next contract.

Of course, that doesn’t mean questions still won’t be directed to GM Steve Keim until there is action on that front.

Ahead of Arizona’s Week 2 clash against the Vikings, Keim was again asked about the possibility of engaging Jones in a new deal. The GM has expressed interest in keeping the talented edge rusher in town.

“We’re not here to go ahead and get rid of the good football players,” Keim said Friday during an appearance on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM’s “Burns & Gambo” show, via the team website.

While his remarks may seem obvious, it certainly doesn’t hurt Keim to use every opportunity he has to recognize the prime-time talent he has in Jones, who recorded five sacks against the Titans in the during week 1.

The Pro Bowl and All-Pro pass runner’s current contract expires at the end of the 2021 season, which means the time to talk without moving towards a deal is drawing to a close. Nonetheless, Keim said the team will take their time and continue to assess the situation before making a decision.

“You still want to have good players under contract, but there are always a million different moving parts,” he added. “I have to continue to watch the list move forward, generally from a three year perspective.”

On the surface, Jones’ production – 102 sacks, 438 tackles in 10 seasons – should crush any need for further discussion. When a guy has played like he did, it is normal that he gets paid generously.

Unfortunately, in the case of Jones, 31, the end of his contract follows a 2020 campaign with fewer injuries that saw the former first-round player lost for the season after suffering a bicep tear during week 5. He recorded a sack in those five starts.

The start of Jones’ new campaign is more than encouraging, but, let’s face it, it will take more than that before an extension is agreed. In the meantime, let’s all sit down and see what kind of message Jones sends against Minnesota on Sunday.

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